Friday, December 10, 2010

CGS, Dreamscape Challenge XXVI : WIP

I am now working on an illustration for the Computer Graphic Society's Dreamscape Challenge XXVI :

Here is my WIP section :

Since I had to draw a landscape I tried to find a way to materialize my definition of dreams through this landscape. I have taken inspirations in master-pieces such "Mulholland Drive" to help me to define a conception of dream.

To me that movie reveals that our dreams are a place where our mind makes our deeper phantasms come true. Our desires of success, glory, sex... Our dreams are usually built with elements from real life and that is why they look realistic but they also have strange anomalies that change this realism to something that some people call surrealism. So I did neither want to draw something fantastic nor fantasy but surrealist.

So I came up with 2 concepts, a bit simplistic, the character sleeping on his phantasms represented by the females-landscape and the fissures telling that the dream is about to end. I think I will try to, at least, make a more elaborated landscape, more inspired by Max Ernst painting's structures.