Animatique : The Old Man's Story

An old man telling his childhood story. While he was used to following his father visiting villages in Kenya he met to a mysterious tribe having a curious ritual concerning a hole, a fissure that these people fed with hearty meals and exotic fruits that they dropped into. To them this hole was the source of their unique ground fertility which gave them endless harvests while dryness affected all villages around. One night he decided to explore that fissure...

This video was aimed to be a mixed-medias animated short for my graduation. I changed my mind too many times on story details and design and I did not finish it. I looked for inspiration into Poe's novels and the UPA's "Tell-Tale Heart" from a E.A. Poe's novel. I really love fantastic novels, it reminds the time when we studied Maupassant at school. So this work appears to be all about memories.

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